Volcano Bay Weight Limit/Restriction?? (200 Lbs.)

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  1. RalphinSC

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    Nov 11, 2010
    I hope I'm not adding to confusion. The two serpentine body slides in the volcano with the drop doors are the ones I was referring to when I said "tube slides" in the second part of my last post.

    As far as I know, the slides with individual weight limits are:
    -The body plunge slide= 300 pounds
    -The twin serpentine slides in the volcano= 200 pounds
    -There is some kind of limit on the punga racers mat slides for the outer two slides. I was told that only smaller people could use those
    -Tiawanha tubes has a 400 pound max limit for a double tube (2 riders)
    -the family raft rides (Honu, Maku, Puihi, Ike Moana) all have a max weight limit, and it varies per slide. Our four was broken up into two groups of two on Honu, but were able to ride Maku as a group of four.
    -Krakatoa has a max weight limit too. Our party of four was broken up into two groups of two
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    May 26, 2015
    Dang!! I was debating with going to VB on my July trip but I guess it'll have to wait. I'm down to 237 from 320 lbs so I'll get there soon enough!
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  4. damo

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    Jan 1, 2001
    For those of you who are confused as to which slides have the 200 lb limit, here is a youtube video for you .

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  5. soniam

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    Jun 22, 2012
    It's pretty much only the slides on which you slide on your body or a mat. I think that's like 3 slides out of the whole park. If there's a tube or raft, then the weight limit is much higher. I use body slides to refer to slides where you do not sit on something, just your skin between you and the slide. The tube or raft slides use tubes or rafts, and your skin shouldn't come in contact with the slide.
  6. Disxuni

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    Mar 12, 2016
    Thanks for the more clear description. I'm not really that worried then, because I've never been interested in body, or mat slides in the past. I've always preferred raft / family rides.
  7. BNAPilot

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    Oct 12, 2017
  8. MikeNamez

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    Jun 21, 2017
    The majority of the rides have weight limits as you will notice the scale built into the floor of the queue once you reach the loading point... There is a small grey box out of view of guests that show the weight....

    The rides in question here are the drop slides that start at the top of the Volcano (The 2 Serpentine slides are 200lbs, the other is 300lbs)

    The multi person raft rides also have a weight limit which most people wont reach. I was there a few weeks back with 3 other 30 yo males (Only 1 person under 200lbs) and we barley made it on. The weight limit on that was 850 and we came in at 840.

    The aqua coaster also has a weight limit (i think 500lbs) so we were split up into 2 groups, biggest person in the front.
  9. ladybugx

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    Jan 4, 2015
    Oh man. This wouldn't impact me even if I weren't the petite gal that I am as I have no idea how anyone goes down those terrifying drop slides, but that definitely sounds like a poor design issue. 200 lbs is a pretty reasonable weight for a lot of tall men.
  10. atricks

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    Mar 10, 2003
    It's at 200 again, they tried a few minor design changes and it didn't work. I suspect any real fix is going to take a while. I did this before they dropped the weight limit from 300 and the one I did (green) was the most intense slide I've ever been on, and my back proved it. It's a bit over ambitious, and because of where it is in the volcano I think fixes to it are not going to be easy. The nearly straight down one (Clear) with the 300lb limit is much easier. I'm just over 235lb (and very tall) and can say it was a bit too intense for me, so I don't count it a loss. If they do fix the issue i'll give it a shot again, but that may not be for a while, based on where the two are.

    The redid the splashdown pool some, but I think it's a combination of the stress in the bends in the slide and the splashdown pool that are causing the problems.

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